Luxury Coffee Box - Mint, Nutmeg, Cinnamon Coffee, Arabica Roasted & Green Coffee

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The Day Drinking - Luxury Coffee Box with 150g coffee beans, 350g ground coffee, 60g instant coffee includes :

Colombian Brew Arabica Bean Coffee
Mint Ground Coffee (Filter Coffee) 100g
Cinnamon Ground Coffee (Filter Coffee) 100g
Nutmeg Ground Coffee (Filter Coffee) 100g
Pure Instant Coffee 50g

Innocent India
100% Arabica Green Coffee Beans 100g
100% Arabica Roasted Coffee Beans 50g

Teddy Roosevelt
Luxury Filter Coffee - 3 servings
Luxury Instant Coffee - 3 servings


Green Coffee Beans
- Boil 1 cup / 125 ml of water until rolling boil
- Add 20g of whole green coffee beans
- Strain & Serve
Roasted Coffee Beans
- Ground 10g of roasted coffee beans for 1 cup / 125ml
- Follow the same steps as ground coffee
Ground Coffee
- Boil 1 cup / 125 ml of water / milk until rolling boil
- Add 1 serving of decoction & sugar as per taste
- Stir & serve
Instant Coffee
Add 2gm of instant coffee in cup of hot water or milk, sugar as per taste. Stir & serve.


The Day Drinking Box is a limited edition gourmet box. It is reviewed as one of the best gourmet boxes in the world. For every box you get, we donate a meal to a child in India



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